Sales Leaders

We help Sales Leaders find global talent and scale their organizations.

Here's the thing about salespeople: 

You ALWAYS want to hire another GREAT one
-show me a revenue leader who thinks otherwise

They tend to move around
- having a bullpen of quality options 24/7/365 is a huge relief. As we know in sales, it's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it

When hiring, you need Qualititave and Quantitative data points
- so much of customer facing roles are personality based, Hirexe is working to capture this unstructured data to help you make quicker and more informed hiring decisions

Every salesperson should have an Admin Assistant
- a hill we'll die on, but every AM / AE should have an assistant. The amount of personalized outbound, immediate response, 24/7/365 data cleaning and CRM maintenance is worth it. Your 6-7 figure reps shouldn't be spending 40% of their time doing hourly tasks

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