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Let us send you top offshore talent options.

The Workforce
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You can hire incredible, full time, hard working employees, for <$18,000/year.

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Welcome to a new Hiring Experience.


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Pay .25 cents on the dollar for the same quality of work

How it works

Tell us exactly who you are looking to hire, and Hirexe will find that person for you.

We pre-screen all parties involved and ensure expectations are aligned before the interviews begin!


Describe The Role

Drop in a job description


Hirexe Searches and Screens

We put together a list of 3+ pre vetted candidates and drop them into your dashboard.

You interview and provide feedback/make the final call on the perfect fit candidate.


Hire Your Favorite

Pick your favorite, and bring em on board.

Money saved = $35,000 - $85,000 / YEAR